I'm putting this post out there in case some other user runs into this

Fresh install of Netware 6.5 SP6. We can connect to NORM on port 8008
(unsecure) but canít on port 8009 (secure). We donít see any errors in
sys:\system\boot$log.err or sys:\etc\console.log. The SSL certificate is
valid and the root certificate is still valid. SSL works on port 443.

NORM is loaded by portal.nlm in the autoexec.ncf file. Right before that it
loads httpstk.nlm along with a switch to use a SSL Certificate. If you
unload portal.nlmís dependencies, portal.nlm itself, and httpstk.nlm and
then reload httpstk using the command from autoexec.ncf followed by loading
portal.nlm it works. If you examine the Netware event screen you see that
just before portal.nlm loads it correctly tries to load httpstk.nlm but gets
the error that you canít load multiple copies of that. The problem seems to
be that some other service was loading httpstk.nlm without the SSL
Certificate earlier in the autoexec. I moved the string to load httpstk up
about four lines in the autoexec.ncf (so it comes after the NIC is loaded,
the volumes are loaded, and ipminit.ncf is loaded but BEFORE nma5.ncf is
loaded), rebooted the server, and it worked fine.

My guess is that the reason I was able to connect over port 443 to the
server is that is handled by Apache2, which has a separate load line in