I hope someone has run into this before

We are trying to install NetWare 6.5 OES onto a Proliant Ml150 with 3Gb
RAM and an E200 RAID controller. There are 3 hard drives all serial
attached SCSI

We have several CD's burn but they all fail the same way: the server
starts to boot from the CD to begin the very first aspect of the install
and it fails! The server hangs with a black screen, a flashing cursor in
the top corner and nothing else happens - the CD is read for a short time
and stops. Nothing appears on the screen e.g Loading Calerada DOS or
whatever the normal message is.

The server boots fine from a NetWare 5.1 CD (although it doesn't work too
well!) and the server boots fine from floppy or USB and other CDs (e.g.

The Novell CDs we are trying have worked fine on other servers (though
not from this Compaq ML150 range - this is our first one) or from other
PCs at the site.

Has anyone had this issue and moreover what was the solution?!

We are not sure at this point if we have a problem with Novell on this
technology, or failing hardware?!