Today I tried to migrate from a Netware 6.5 machine to a vmware Netware
6.5 machine so the physical machine could (hopefully) be reloaded with
OES Linux. In the end though, due to time problems, I started to think
about just sticking with Netware 6.5 for a while yet.

Nothing has been going right for me. As it turns out, the migration
failed 75% through the copying files process.

So I removed our 4 hdds (in 2 logical drives RAID 1) and placed two new
drives in the server to start loading OES while I loaded Netware onto a
workstation. My plan was then to place the old hard drives back in the
server when the workstation was configured to be the destination server
in the migration and try to migrate again. However, when I placed the
hard drives back in, it complained of them being in the wrong position.
I viewed the configuration in the SCSI BIOS config tool and decided it
was ok and there was nothing to change. So I exited the utility and
the server no longer complained and said it has found 2 logical drive.
So I thought 'perfect, I'll get this up and running again and see how
it goes. One problem though - Netware started to boot and then failed

NICI failed to initialise

Better yet, I found an article on Novell's site on this problem but it
requires you to have a SYS drive to do the repair but the sys drive
won't mount. Going into the disk manager you can see that there are no
pools found. How did this happen? Any ideas? Any solutions? To me
it seems like the migration might have messed it up. I hadn't rebooted
since the migration failed. In terms of the RAID - maybe it is because
of this, but am I right in thinking that if it is booting at all than
the RAID must be fine and working?

Please let me know your thoughts. School resumes in another 2 weeks
and I have 1 week to fix it up - preferrably it needs to be operable in
the next 48 hours.