I have been trying to install a 6.5 server for several days now to
replace a 6.0 that fried. I have it up, but with no licenses. So no one
can login. I try to login in to Novell remote manager and get Login
Error! Username or password invalid. I can login anywhere else in the
tree except this server. A quick look at the error log shows this
repeating: Server OCHS is unable to obtain a server base license unit.
Connection to this server is NOT allowed. Ensure that licensing units
are available and verify NLS operation. Error # C0001002.
1-12-2007 4:51:50 pm: SERVER-5.70-3651
Severity = 1 Locus = 14 Class = 2
POLICY MANAGER - (5.00-014): Connection 81 is using a 'grace'
connection to Server OCHS because no licenses were installed or
available. Install a Connection License (admin.EDUCATION.OCSTREE.)

SO I am assuming I cannot login because the available logins are used,
but I cannot get in because other servers automatically take my available
logins before I can login. I also cannot get into imanager at all
(unless remote manager is it) because it does not seem to be running.
All of our other 15 servers are 6.0 and running great. This is 6.5
simply because we could not find a server that would support 6.0
anymore. SO how can I make this server get properly licensed.

Thanks, David