I just purchased a Sony DRU-830A (dual-layer) DVD burner. My goal is to
put this into my NW 6.5 SP3 server to be able to backup my SYS: volume as I
install and configure various applications (FTP, WEB, iPrint, etc). When I
get to a level of install that is working, I want to be able to grab that
and then try something else. Since a backup solution hasn't been chosen
yet, I'm testing those as I go to. I'm currently testing NovaStor's
Nova-Net which can backup the data to optical drives. But when I try to
Erase or Format the DVD-RW disk, I get errors. I thought maybe it was the
device drivers. The drivers installed are dated January of 2005. I know
that there are newer IDEATA.*, IDECD.* and IDEHD.* drivers available, but
am not sure how to install them. Can I must copy them into the driver
folder over the current files (while the server is running?)

The drivers may not even help, but it was something I thought I could at
least test and rule out.

Thanks in advance.