If it isn't obvious, this is my first migration. I am on the final step,
"Finishing NDS/eDirectory migration". I am at a screen that says
"ContinuingNDS/eDir migration". In my mind, the new server is in an
extermely fragile state and one misstep could irrevocably damage it. I am
being asked to complete the following tasks before continuing, but except
for the last step, I am not told how to do them.

1> Just says to make sure step 3 is completed, and I get that one.

2> Make sure your server time is synchronized.
Is this just running the Time Synchronization in DSREPAIR?

3> Make sure NDS/eDir is synchronized.
Is this just running Report Synchronization Status in DSREPAIR?

4> Novell Licensing Services has been correctly installed. Any licensing
errors that occurred should have been resolved by installing the appropriate
server or user licenses.
Is this TELLING me it has been correctly installed, or is it ASKING me to
verify this? If the latter, how do I do this? I know there aren't any user
licenses installed yet, but I haven't installed iManager yet. Should I go
ahead and install them through NWAdmin32?

5> You should have rebooted your workstation and re-logged in to the
source(old) tree?!?!?!?!?
What? I thought the old server was supposed to remain off. How do i log in
if NDS has been removed from it? Why do I need to log in to it?

6> Run NDS/eDir backlink to completion. This step is clearly defined and
easy to follow. Shouldn't need any help with this one.