A couple of months ago we upgraded all of our (38) NetWare servers from
Version 6.0 SP5 to Version 6.5 SP5. Immediately afterwards we noticed
that the ability to change file rights from Windows Explorer no longer
existed. Even ConslowOne wouldn't work, though I seem to remember it
working on one or two servers. I resorted to using the RIGHTS command
but even that didn't work every time.

I did some searching and found that the SP6 patch was supposed to fix
this and that it only affected servers with Traditional Volumes. Seemed
to fit our experience so I've applied the SP6 to 13 of the 15 of our
servers that have Traditional Volumes. All seemed well until today when
I needed to give some explicit rights to a file for some users.

I can now put trustees in the list using both Windows Explorer and
ConslowOne without getting an error like I did before (something about
not having enough rights of my own to give them to others, I'm an
admin-equivalent). I click OK and the window closes. All seems well,
but if I reopen the properties to check trustees the list is empty.

There is another similar post about similar problems so before you
ask...I do have an NLS server object in the same context as this
particular server and have rerun SETUPNLS without errors.

Anyone else suffering this? Got any clues to what the problem is, or,
more importantly, how to fix it?