Shown below are the commands as extracted from INETCFG.

Load BCallSrv
Load B57 NAME=B57_2_EII_EII FRAME=Ethernet_II SLOT=10018 Speed=AUTO
Load B57 NAME=B57_1_EII_EII FRAME=Ethernet_II SLOT=10017
LOAD Tcpip RIP=No Static=Yes LoadSharing=No Forward=No VIPSupport=No
BIND IP B57_1_EII_EII ARP=Yes Mask= Address=
BIND IP B57_2_EII_EII ARP=Yes Mask= Address=

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why when a reinitialze command, a prompt
for do I want to bind another FRAME type appears? This happens during the
boot process also. (Very inconvenient during a remote reset!)