Early morning hour's shock, I cannot trust my eyes:

the url http://support.novell.com/filefinder/ is a redirect to
the general download page!!?!

Up to now it was so easy to get with a few clicks all updates for
a certain product, eg

product group
product version
one more click ->beta

e.g. for bordermanager:
the new one redirects to

1.) Bordermanager
2.) Bordermanager 3.8
3.) any date
4.) search
5.) tab "patches"

And there? Just 7 patches listed. Public and Beta mixed up.

Sorry, but this *ISN'T* an improvement to me -- at all!

Propably it's useless to ask for the old inteface, alia iacta est.

So RIP old style, good, clearly arranged, comprehending filefinder?

Who was the M U R D E R E R ? ;-) + :-//

the "minimum patch list" link on that redirect page is "great",
litterally great:

ends up in a "all in one big bunch".


Here a very good, operational system /GOT/ touched!

Regards, Rudi.

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