We had a serious server crash and have been able to restore everything
except one directory that was moved to a installs disk without ever being
backed up. The drive contained our yearbook and we need to get it back.
The server that crashed had three drives in raid 5 that had sys and all
on it. That is gone. The drive with yearbook and all cd images was vol3
which was housed separately on two other drives in raid one (mirrored)>
What I intend to do is bring a netware on an old box just like the first
with only sys on it. Then take it down, put the two other drives in with
vol3, mount it onto the new server, then hook up with a laptop, copy it
off, and then restore it to the new server. I think the idea is right,
but I do not know exactly to do it from a technical standpoint. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. David