After a serious server crash, we had a company come in and install
netware 6.5 because I did not have time. They installed the OS OK, but
did not install things like imanager, ndps, etc. Things that we really
need. The easy way to do this is using the sartx console at the server,
but I do not have a mouse because ps2.nlm will not load. SO I have a USB
mouse, but I have no idea how to load that. MouseleesMode cursor
moevement instructions are on the screen, but after trying 8 different
keyboards I am assuming that cannot work becasue I am using a PS2
keyboard whic behaves erratically most of the time and will not function
according to instructions at all. So my questions are:
1. How can I install anything without using the server console.
2. How can I install a usb mouse?
3. I have copied ps2.nlm from another server to no avail --- is their
any other way to get it going.

The server is hp proliant ml 110 (brand new). OS is netware 6.5 sp6.
Thanks, David