Why doesn't Novell just keep SPcurrrent.zip available for download?

Recommended users see an appnote for slipstreaming post SP patches, instead
of Novell releasing an update with the patches just seems to be asking for
problems. How many different ways can a person read into the appnote on
building their own? A lot.
OK. So, maybe not all updates apply to everyone. Surely, at least the
ones flagged as Mandatory would apply to everyone?

We have spent Considerable time preparing to implement Universal Password.
We were told - that SP5 was a minor update over sp4a. Our test environment
has SP5, but it is only three servers vs our production of 21 servers -
across eight sites across our state of Va.
Today came - time to go. SDIDIAG22 - wants NICI268. So, SAS203. But
SAS203 requires SP5.

SP6 is the latest. But, we run NCS, GW, ZfD, NSure Audit, FTP, CIFS.
Issues with sp6 and GW reported.

So, maybe we stick to SP5 with the post updates? It is stable and solid
right? There are only around 7 updates to apply - before we can even get to
what we wanted to work on: UP.

No, I don't believe Win ADS can do everything we are doing now, or as good
as we are doing it now. We are looking optimistically toward Novell Suse
Linux, but that is not ready for us at this point IMO.

The last major update we did was from NW6sp4 to NW65sp4a. And about half of
the servers had issues. Of those about 1/4 had issues where Java for some
reason seemed to stop, or was not loaded - and the install would seem to
hang around 52 on some, and 82% on others. NTS said - down server upgrade,
yeah. We figured out the issues based on our lab work, loading java - etc.

I admire those of you dealing with hundreds of servers around the world. It
just don't happen that way for us. These updates never come off flawless.

We've always kept one SP back anyway - back to the appnote and slipstreaming
the post patches for sp5...... Heck,... It is a measily 21 servers - we
can just do them one update at a time.... Two people - imagine the