I have a client who is running a DOS (Clipper/dbase) application on a
Netware 4.11 server, a compaq ML330 with mirrored 8gb discs.

The server was installed in November 2001 - by myself - fully patched
as to Nov 2001 (and probably more since).

It has been incredibly reliable - but now needs replacing (or

I am looking for advice on ways forward. My initial three ideas are:

a) Replace with new server (DELL or Compaq) and novell 6.5
- Is novell 6.5 ok? Or should we be looking at a Microsoft product?

b) Replace with a new server (DELL or Compaq), but install the 4.11
- will this be reliable given that the OS was not written for the
updated kit?

c) Replace the hard disks, the PSU and the CPU fan in the server.
- the h/w and s/w have been so reliable for the past six years this
could be the most reliable way forward. OK, so there's other bits
that can go wrong, and just swapping bits out might make the whole
thing more flakey, but this might be more reliable than a nw 6.5 or
microsoft platform.

Cost is not really a problem - reliability is paramount.

Any thoughts anyone?

David Callaghan
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