NW6.5sp6 OES.
Installed: NDPS - Broker/Manager
ZFD7 - Inventory/Db/AWI/PXE

SP6 was installed, and since, iPrint, printers are automatically being
iManager no longer works.
NRM does.

I loaded xconsole and attempted to reinstall iManager. I got as far as
selecting the cd (NSS ISO Mount) and the server reboots. No abend log is

After reboot, I unloaded all NLMS. Nothing running but DHCP/DNS. Launched
NWCONFIG and attempted to start the iManager install from there, but upon
selecting the CD (NSS ISO Mount) the server reboots!

The ISO CD is NW65Prod mounted on another server.

I used the "Evaluation" download from the download patch site. I didn't see
any non-evaluation patches.

Is NetWare going the way of Pay-per-patch ?!