I have upgraded two netware 5 servers to netware 6.5 sp5 and everything
went nearly normal. My biggest concern is that when I run DSREpair,
everything goes good till it gets to REPAIRING REPLICA RING. Then it
grinds to a halt. Its not frozen or stuck it just goes very slow. It takes
almost two hours to run dsrepair. It does not report any errors and I have
checked trustees and subordinates and can not find a reason why it takes
so long to run. Time sync is active and in sync. These servers are in a
tree of 14 servers that are a mixture of Netware 5 and 6 and when I finish
the migration I will have replaced all the netware 5 servers. I used to
complain about 20 minutes to run derepair but now and hour and a half to
two hours but only on the Netware 6.5 servers. Any suggestions, I do
server number three later this week?