Have a Netware 6.5 sp5 server that is running high cpu utilization
90-100% and memory stats are as follows:
NLM Memory 767,348,736 770,883,584
File System Cache 300,482,560 861,458,432
Extended File System Memory 0 0
Virtual Memory System 169,799,680 169,799,680
Extended Virtual Memory System 0 0
Available Memory 99,921,920 97,226,752*
DOS, Video, Misc. Memory 4,164,608 4,164,608
Total System Memory 1,341,717,504 N/A

I have applied 6.5sp6upd1 and checked some other things but I can't
figure out what I need to do to correct this. Can anyone suggest
anything or give me some advice on how to clear this up? I'm fairly
new at this so any help is appreciated.