The old patch site was quick and easy to navigate, checking for new
patches and getting a chronological look at patch history/progression
was easy. The process of identifying, finding, and downloading
patches for this weekend's service took at least twice as long as I'm
used to in the past. New site looks like it was designed by someone
from marketing (which would explain a lot) and totally overlooks the
fact that people doing product support don't care about graphic design
and fancy CSS setups, we just want fast and simple access to the
information/tools we need to keep things running.

The new site is a giant leap backwards in usability and an obstacle to
good tech support. Would someone that Novell will listen to (which I
guess is not those of us who use and support the product...) please
point this out to the decision-maker(s) responsible for this
downgrade??? Had this site been previewed as a primary patch source
BEFORE it was rolled out I doubt it would have survived the feedback.