I'm looking into doing inplace upgrades from NetWare 5.1 to 6.5 on a
couple servers with decent hardware. They are all patched to eDir
and NW 6.5 servers are already in the tree. I'm doing a healthcheck on the
servers and get this:

SSL Transfer: Secure SSL data transfer is not possible (however, data will
be obfuscated). Verify that SSL CertificateIP, which is created in a
default installation, is current. This certificate expires two years after
the install date.

I try to fix it with PKIDIAG using every option but it says there is
nothing to fix. I've remade the SSL CertificateIP and still get the error.
Should I worry about it? Should I delete and remake them?

I also have some old servers I would like to migrate to new Hardware going
from NetWare 5.1 to 6.5 as above. The Novell Migration Wizard seems to be
the tool I need for that but I'm not sure where to find it? Is it on the
Novell websight or is it on one of the NW6.5 disks I burnt from ISO? Is
the Novell Migration Wizard good or should I try upgrading to new hardware
and OS in a couple steps some other way?