We have raid5 server with NetWare 6.5 and recently installed SP6. We
have 1 GB of RAM which could be low because of all stuff on this server
- GroupWise 7 - WebAccess - Apache - Tomcat - Webaccess - CA Arcserve
11.1 SP2 (Btrieve)- Arcserve OFA - CA etrust - Gwava - WASP. This
server has been updated from NetWare 5.0 and still has all traditional
volumes except small NSS volume for WASP. SYS Vol is 8GB with 1.75GB
free. VOL1 is 157GB with 40GB free. VOL2 is 500MB with 425MB free.
WASP is NSS with 14MB and 13.4MB free. At the most we will have 10
simultaneous users.

We have had Novell servers since 1989. We still have legacy DOS
accounting programs - VOL2 - this will change soon.

AFter installing SP5 and before installing SP6 we had memory leaks and
had to down server once every week or sometimes we could go two weeks.
In these forums others have indicated they had same problem.

We installed SP6 and then also did the following memory tuning:
Added TSAFS switch /CacheMemoryThreshold=1
(Actually was set to this before)
SET File Cache Maximum Size = 1073741824
Added following to autoexec.ncf file
nss /cachebalance=5 (was 85 before)
VM Cache Pool Percentage is set at 80%
BTI.CFG - Reduced Cache size from 131072 to 65536
Max Cache usage =5
DS RAM is set at 2x database size

These tunning ideas came from reviewing these forums and Novell TIDs
and CA docs and help.

Following are current server memory stats from Monitor:
Allocated memory pool 39%
Cache buffer memory 15% (fluctuates from
14 -16)
Cache moveable memory 0
Cache non-moveable memory 0
Code and Data memory 13%
Miscellaneous memory 33%
Total server work memory 100% 1GB

We know it is not good to have less than 30% Cache buffer memory and
best to have over 50%. I believe we are getting by because of
relatively small number of users. Or does NetWare allow you to stretch
the limits?

Within a year we plan on new netware server and will move GroupWise to
it with all NSS volumes. But not in budget until end of year. We were
hoping with "memory tuning" we could get Cache Buffer memory up to

By reducing BTI.CFG Cache Size to 65536 as noted above we greatly
reduced memory allocated to NWMKDE.NLM and see no problem with Arcserve
databases. Setting nss /cachebalance=5 also greatly reduced memory
allocated to NSS.NLM. (Note: We only have one small NSS volume which
was needed to enable Beginfinite WASP to work to scan GW Webaccess

Instead of increase cache buffer memory this released memory was
allocated to the virtual memory system. Virtual memory is now 99.5%

Physical Memory Stats from NRM are as follows:
NLM memory 567MB (526 - 567 range)
File System Cache 180MB (180 - 188 range)
Virtual Memory System 155 MB (130 - 155 range)
Free Memory 166MB (166 - 225 range)
DOS Video 4 MB

Is there any other tuning we can do to reduce amount of virtual memory
that is physical memory so that more is available for cache buffer?
What percent of virtual memory should be physical? How low can it be
without hindering performance?

How low can we set BTI.CFG cache size and not harm CA Arcserve
databases? The lower this is the more memory is freed up.

We also need to purge files. Has not been done in awhile - I am
assuming this would help??

I see no evidence of memory leaks with SP6. Also no memory
fragmentation. The server is very stable but would like to tune to get
cache buffer memory higher, if possible. Actually this server has
always been very stable until recent memory leaks with SP5.

Yes, we have GroupWise & ARCserve Backup and OFA on same volume (VOL1)
and OFA works. I like that open files get backed up - including
database files. CA engineers say this works for us because we are
using traditional volumes. If we were NSS would have to be on separate

Existing server has maximum RAM installed.

I may not understand memory issues as good as I should so I hope others
can help me understand how we can make our situation better with what
we have - for now. And also I hope others can learn from our situation
as I have from the various threads in these forums.

Any observations or recommendations are appreciated. I can also give
more info on settings and environment and include configuration files
if would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Scott J. Huber