TO: OES-NetWare 6.5 SP5


I am still very new to Novell. Yesterday, I upgraded a former NW6.0 server
to OES-NW6.5. It appears that the upgrade was successful however, with some
issues that I am not sure how serious of a threat they pose.

I performed an In-Place Upgrade from the Server Console. I followed the
instructions outlined in the OES Administrator's Handbook (by Jeffrey Harris).

During the upgrade, under the Backup Server Files screen I selected YES for
the "Allow unsupported drivers", and MANUAL for the "Specify upgrade type"
options. The other options were left with their default settings. Further
down the upgrade, during the licensing section, I received a message saying:

"MLA Certificate Found.... Do you wish to install additional drivers?"

I selected NO. Since we already have some OES-NW6.5 servers, I figured that
this new OES-NW6.5 server will pick up the existing license(s) from the tree.

Towards the end of the upgrade, while "Closing the installation files..."
the server halted. I switched screens and saw a message saying that there
was an Error: "C:\NWUPDATED could not be removed... Press Enter to
continue" (I do not remember the exact message). I pressed Enter. The
upgrade continued. I was asked to reset the server and I selected YES.

While the server was restarting it halted for a worrisome few minutes. I
switched console screens and read the following message:

CIFSNDSReadAttr: Error in ReadAttr -603.

After a few minutes the server continued restarting normally and the prompt
appeared. There were some NLMs that did not show an "OK" message but
instead showed an "UNRESOLVED" message:


I would like to know what were the cause(s) for those problems/error
messages, how serious of a problem they present, and whether there is a way
to resolve them.

Any recommendation or advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.