I recently migrated our 10 user netware 5.0 system to netware 6.5 with 10
user licenses. Everything was going smoothly.
I had restarted the server and was trying to install the user licenses.

I tried to load admattrs.nlm and get a 601 error after inputting the admin
username and password.

So I looked for another way to load my licenses. I tried installing
Imanager but it requires software we don't really want on our data server.

So I loaded NWAdmin for windows NT and it seemed to work perfectly. I
installed the licenses and started checking workstations and reconnecting
the groupwise clients.

Turns out I'm only able to login 2 users out a time and get a "too many
sessions are already open error" when I try to log any other user in. I
checked the users and removed those we do not use anymore. All of our
print servicing is handled through Microsoft Print sharing so there are no
printer services "logging in".

I did check and the server license and 10 user licenses are showing both
in nwadmin, pm display and the remote manager. And it appears that the 2
users are logging in under grace licenses.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm only familiar with netware and am not an expert
at all. I probably should have been to try to pull of this whole thing but
like I said everything was going picture perfect.