QUESTION: What is best practice to recover a crashed Netware server when
the DOS and SYS volumes seem to be the affected partitions? We now have a
C: partition but the SYS volume will still not mount. See below for more
details. Thanks, Linda

We have a server that is crashed and we are trying to bring it back up.
C: partition seems to be okay except for C:\NWSERVER.
Ran scandisk on C: partition and NWSERVER came back BAD.

We copied NWSERVER from another similiar server in an attempt to boot server.
All seems fine, expect the SYS volume will still not mount.
but SYS tries to mount, but says definition is invalid.
Server -NA loads server okay and it sees all volumes.
Vrepair gives errors when trying to repair SYS and says it can not be done.

This is an old NW 5.1 server upgraded to Netware 6.5 so it has traditional

Server has RAID-5 - 3 drives. Two containers.
container 0 is missing a member
container 1 is missing a member, but different drive is affected.
Container 1 appears to be rebuilding successfully.
We are currently waiting on Container 1 member to 100% rebuild.

Container 0 contains DOS and SYS: (4Gig)
Container 1 contains rest of volumes
However, Partition magic was used to extend SYS partition to 10Gig, so SYS
does span over both containers. This was done so the server could be
upgraded to Netware 6.5.

Hope I included all the necessary details.

thanks for any assistance in advance,