We have a two netware server environment. Nw65sp5 plus sp5update.
Server we intend to migrate to new hardware hold the master of the tree.
It has netware remote manager, Arcserve, Netshield installed so it is
quite basic.

We are moving from a HPML370G3 to a HPDL380G5. Our basic plan is as

1. Migrate using the Migration Wizard 8.1
2. Prepare 2 backups of the server
3. Build the DL380 using the premigration setup, Setup our
SYS/VOL1/VOL2 volumes with new sizes (all larger, no compression is used)
4. Start the data migration process
5. Start the directory services migration
6. Bring up the new server as the old server name
7. Reinstall other Netware Services, DNS/DHCP (import DHCP table),
reinstall netshield, Compaq support and mgt services, arcserve.

Are there any items I may have overlooked to things to be aware of.

Thanks. Cliff.