I'm setting up a test lab for my boss here at work using Netware 6.5 and
Border Manager 3.8. There is also a post in the Border Manager
Install/Setup section relating to my problem, but I was told to come here
because it doesn't sound like BM is to blame.

My problem is that I need 3 NICS on my border manager server. I've got 2
onboard that Netware recognizes and installs drivers for and a third that
is a PCI card. Before I installed the PCI card, I could ping out to other
machines on the subnets just fine. After I installed the PCI card and its
drivers, I can't ping out from the NW/BM server, but I can ping from
another machine to the server interfaces.

My boss looked at it and couldn't figure out what happened. She tried
setting up an email server, but she can't communicate with BM now after
installing the new card. Before the new card was installed, she was able
to setup a file server and had no problems talking with the BM server.

Any idea's on what I can try?