Using the Consolidation and Migration utility (hereinafter "CMU") to move a
NW 6.5 SP3 server (our GroupWise system) to "new" hardware set up with NW
6.5 SP4. I say "new" because it is really desktop hardware and will hold
this server only until I get OES Linux installed on the original,
server-class hardware and migrate it back using the GroupWise migration

On the first attempt, the file migration got to 71% and stayed there, with
the "Elapsed Time" incrementing every second and the "Estimated Remaining
Time" also incrementing every second.

I stopped it and looked and the success and error logs. They claimed that
the directories I had chosen had been "dropped" onto the destination
server, but they sure don't show up there.

So I tried again. This time I watched as it claimed to be moving
directories from the source to the destination. They didn't show up on the
destination and this time the utility hung at 61%.

Now, the progress window title says that it is backing up trustees, but the
progress message indicates files and directories. I don't know which to

Anyway, the bottom of the success log looks like this:

************************************************** ***************
End Project Options and Warnings.
************************************************** ***************
File size to be copied: 160,293 MB

Now, 160,293 MB is about 160 GB. There can't be any files that size
anywhere on the source server because its biggest volume is about 28 GB.

Where do I start troubleshooting this?

Richard White
Mason County, Washington