Topic say's it all,

On a nw 6.5 server running mostly NDPS, Zen and iManager, tomcat
stopped working after Sp6.

I've tried all the tips I could find,

shutting down everthing, unloading java, apache2, etc,
editing the server.xml to replace localhost with the actual IP,
editing the tckeygen.ncf replace localhost with the actual IP,
deleting the LDAP server and group object and then recreating them,
pkidiag, even with a forced replace of the cert's,
deleted the previous .keystore

made sure that the ldag-group object is pointed to a proper
certificate, exported that cert as a new rootcert.der,
Nothing,, no help and no go,
ldap does NOT listen on 636,
and, nothing else is doing that either.

same issue each time ( off course since ldap isn't listening on 636),
connection refused ( or something ) on the logger screen when running

Any other tip's ??