We have a Netware 6.5sp5 server connected with 1 HBA to a SAN. The SAN
has dual controllers and we have enabled multipath support through the
SAN to the host. There is no cluster created or installed on this server.
However, to enable the multipath on the SAN, we included 2 extra lines in
our startup.ncf.
They are...
set multi-path support=on
load lsimpe.cdm
Now when we try to install NWSP6, it wants to run a cluster leave command
before the install.
Since we have no actual cluster, is it alright to proceed with the
command, or will the host attempt to disconnect from the SAN for the
We didn't have this problem before with installing NWSP5, because the 2
lines mentioned above we not installed, so I assume that the OS did not
think we were in a cluster.
Shall I just remark out the 2 lines, reboot the server, install the
patch, remark back in the 2 lines and restart?
Any ideas or comments will be appreciated.