Upgrading from 5.1SP8 with EDirectory to 6.5 SP5 using a hardware upgrade
migration. Server is running edirectory, other 6.5 servers in the
tree running Novell paid support says not to worry, the versions
are close enough.

When running trustee, I kept getting this error:
owner may no longer exist -601
As a response I ran DSREPAIR --> Advanced Options --> Check Volume Objects
and Trustees, only found 1 invalid trustee, but got that error every time I
run it. My guess is its a result of running a 5.1 server in a 6.5
environment? Oh well.

I'm continuing with the migration with the file copy, but should I be
concerned about this and halt the upgrade? Getting opinions while the
files are being copied. Feel free to post here or mail me directly.