Dear Script Writing Folk,

I'm hoping someone can help me with my nested script problem.

I'm writing a consolidated patching script that includes NW65SP6 with the
post SP6 fixes and extra bits and pieces. i.e. Do it all from one script.

However, i need to fiddle the NWSRC parameter.

Part of my script says:

SetVar Do_TID_2974671, 0
; TID 2974671
Description: "NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6"
Bytes: 903077313
DiskBytes: 905580544
Help: "TID 2974671\n
This Support Pack contains updates for components contained\n
in the NetWare 6.5 product\n
The purpose of this Support Pack is to provide a bundle of\n
fixes that have all been tested together.\n
NB This is an EDS modified NW65SP6 install."
SetVar Do_TID_2974671, 1
GotoIfNEqual %{Do_TID_2974671}, 1, Skip_TID_2974671
; Done like this because @Include can not be nested in @FileSet.
File: 'nw65sp6\\spack.ips'
Label Skip_TID_2974671

When the include file 'nw65sp6\\spack.ips' is called, spack.ips and the
files it calls, use NWSRC in lots of places but without the "nw65sp6\\"
prefix. NWSRC is still set to the location as used in my original script
file, not my nw65sp6 subdirectory.

I do not wish to make lots of changes to the Novell provided scripts.
It does not seem possible to fiddle the NWSRC variable at the start of

How can I append the predefined global variable NWSRC with "nw65sp6\\"?