This is the scenario we want to test, which would be a typical scenario
for a small business.

Small business has a 2 nw65sp5 server environment. Server A is for main
operations and Server B has groupwise and user data files. There are no
other servers and no remote locations.

Backups consist of fully nightly Arcserve 11.2sp2 backups, of both
servers and edirectory tree. Backups are stored off-site except for the
current nights backup

A fire occurs completely destroying the facility. New servers to
replace these can consist of a single retired server and a new server or
two new servers. The retired server, previously was server A before
being migrated to the new server A.

What is the best recommendation in this true small business disaster to
restore the network in a new facility, as soon as possible, given the
fact that neither of the two previous servers, server A and server B exist.

The goal is to rebuild first Server A, then Server B, but Server B would
not be needed immediately and its recreation could wait for several
days. The goal would be to use the Arcserve tape backup and avoid the
recreation of all the edirectory objects as they are on the backup tape.

This would be different than a normal failed hardware replacement where
one of the servers remaines and can be used to restore directory
services to the other machine.

What is the best step by step procedures to use to restore first server
A, then eventually server B into production, having only the original
migrated Server A with Sys and 2 additional volumes and a new server or
two new servers.