I have a new 6.5 server in it's own tree. There are two RAID arrays one
for the OS and the other for the Data. I'm having problems with
iManager2.6. The Apache server is not loading. Reinstalling the OS
would not be that hard. I don't really need alot of the bells and
whistles. This server is replacing a 4.11 server that is just sharing
files and printers. It is only accessed from within the building and
have no desire to be able to access from the Internet. When I loaded the
latest service pack it made it an OES server. This seemed very cool to
me, but with so many utillties relying on iManager did I need it. Could
I patch with an earlier service pack? Do I need iManager if I'm just
printing locally? Maybe if I just reinstall a put the latest patch on it
will be OK? Any sugestions.

Greg Harris