I have a clone server and am attempting to load the NW6.5SP6 eval.
The server is an AMD XP1700, 1GB RAM, Adaptec AHA-2940UW.
I have tried two hard drives I had around:
Seagate ST34520W (4.2GB) &
HP D4911A (9.1GB)
During either the Default or Manual install, the hardware detection sees the
IDE CDROM, and the AHA2940.HAM loads. After that it tells me no storage
devices are present, even though the 500MB DOS partition was set up, and the
files were copied.
I have updated the motherboard BIOS as well as the Adaptec BIOS. The
motherboard is set to boot CDROM, floppy, and SCSI.
I even went to the Adaptec site and downloaded the older HAM; this didn't
work either.
Any ideas?
Thank you.