We have a problem with a bad stripe on our RAID5... as we are going to
replace some of the storage related hardware, we will need to recreate the
logical drive within the RAID5, so OS install and data will be lost.

(1) What is my best option to proceed?

If I have a 6 drive RAID5 (5 HD + 1 spare, 73.4Gb each HD) what would be the
best for me? One (stroring OS+data) or two logical drives (one storing OS,
one storing data)?

(2) Besides data, schema, server specific info and NDS information, what
else should I backup to be able to restore all of the services running on my
Netware Server? I'm using it as router and file and print server. What
should be backup/restored and what would the best approach to backup/restore
all of these?

I have NW6.5SP5 and would like to go to NW6.5SP6 in this operation.

I've already made those kind of operations before, but not sure if I made it
the best possible way.