I want to make sure I'm clear on the DST updates I need to do to all of our NetWare 6.5 SP5 servers running Java Our 55+ servers all run a DHCP server, have iManager access, Zen for Desktops, GroupWise 6.5.2, iPrint, and C1 1.3.6e. We have IDM 3 and Novell Audit running as well on a few servers.

I have successfully run DSTshift.nlm on all of the servers.

I was just starting the 'java' fix, but I'm a bit confused...

If I'm reading through my pile of DST TIDS correctly, I need to apply, on each individual server (or PC where applicable), the tzupdater.jar. One time each for:

NetWare Java (for iManager / ZEN / iPrint...)
DHCP Mgmt Console

When doing this, I need to copy the .jar file to:

NetWare Java (any server temp directory)
DHCP - c:\Program Files\Novell\DNSDHCP\jre\bin\
C1 - sys:\public\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\jre\bin (and, if locally installed: c:\Novell\ConsoleOne\1.2\jre\bin)

Then, I need to run the java -jar volume/path to .jar/tzupdater.jar -u -v a minimum of 2 times on each server - once pointing to the NetWare temp directory's jar file, and and once pointing to the server's C1 bin directory's jar file.

Then I need to run it once per instance on each PC on the network that has C1 and/or DHCP Mgmt Console installed locally (making sure the java.exe is run from the matching \bin directory). So, if the PC has both installed locally, I need to run, from the PC:

c:\Program Files\Novell\DNSDHCP\jre\bin\java -jar c:\Program Files\Novell\DNSDHCP\jre\bin\tzupdater.jar -u -v
c:\Novell\ConsoleOne\1.2\jre\bin\java -jar c:\Novell\ConsoleOne\1.2\jre\bin\tzupdater.jar -u -v

Do I need to do any kind of update to the server DHCP setup program in sys:\public\DNSDHCP\, so people who run the setup.exe in the future have the java time update?

Do the above steps sound correct? I'm probably making this more complicated than it is.

Maybe I'm better off installing the novpatch3854.zip patch everywhere instead? Will that take care of all Java instances in one shot, after it's installed and the server is rebooted? Then, since I already ran the DSTshift.nlm, I'd be done?

We know that we will still need to update WebAccess / GWIA / IDM separately - we have those TIDS.

Thanks !