I hope this is the right forum for this topic.

This has probably been asked a bunch of times, but is there an easy way to connect to a Novell
LAN from a Macintosh?

Here're my problems:

I don't want to use the ProSoft Engineering client, because it's extreeeeeemly slow and buggy and
I don't want to pay for it (my work won't buy it for me). I had the demo but I'm not about to pay
for something that slow, especially when it crashes all the time.

We don't have native file access turned on.

I can't/won't get any support from sysadmins; if I even bring up the subject of my Mac on the
LAN, they roll their eyes.

So, in other words, I'm on my own and all I've got are the tools that came with the Mac OS. I'm
using the newest version 10.4.8. I currently use FTP to get to our LAN, but that's a pain and
uploads are almost as slow as the Prosoft client was. I'm fairly expert in most aspects of the Mac
OS, but am pretty weak when it comes to networking issues, so a step-by-step would be useful.

Also, my windows netware client is 4.91. Does that mean we're still using Netware 4.x or is that
just the client version number? If I need to find out what version of netware we're using, I can
check that from Windows, I assume, (but I don't know how) but I can't call the sysadmin and ask,
because of the rolling eyes issue.

Thanks in advance.