We are still running java 1.3.1_10, ConsoleOne v1.35, edir 8.6.2,
imanager v1.2.2, nici 2.6.8
I am planning on running the JVM 1.3.1 time zone updater tool
(tzupdater131.jar) and the daylight saving time adjust tool for

netware (dstshift_1.zip).

When running the jvm tool, if we only use webaccess NW admin utilities
(e.g., imanager, etc.) do we run the tool only once?
Or do we search for instances of java.exe, change to their directories
and run the same command?

Doc 3077301 says:
>>all versions of ConsoleOne prior to and including 1.3.6f will report

incorrect time,,
And a new version of Novell ConsoleOne, 1.3.6g, (is not out yet?)..
When it becomes available will it be able to run on NW60SP5?

Will we be able to still use consoleOne to manage cluster?

Please advise.