Hello, I'm having an issue with a pair of Dell Poweredge 1900 servers

I've installed OES netware 6.5 sp 6 and am having 2 issues

Issue 1:

hdetect detects a platform support module as mps14 instead of apcidrv. I
assume acpidrv is the more modern version. These servers are brand new
and should be able to support advanced acpi functions. I can't figure
out why it is not detected. There do not seem to be any settings in the
bios to address acpi modes.

Issue 2: There seems to be some weird network decay thing happening.
I've installed the dell supplied bx2.lan drivers (Broadcom Ethernetxpress
II for the motherboard integrated nic). These drivers perform fine when
the machine is first booted, but over the course of a week the system
doesn't seem to release ECB's. The free ECB count slowly increases until
it's left at 12%

I have the default settings minimum 2000 max 10000

Under lan driver info in nrm I have the followin:
Lan Driver Information
Module Name ECBs Allocated
BX2.LAN 200

the funny thing is, as the "decay" progresses over the week, tcpip.nlm
seems to gain more and more ecb's where bx2.lan seems to stay constant.
On my other servers tcpip.nlm rarely has more than 5-10 ecb's the network
driver seems to carry them all.

Any ideas on this? Would this account for the slowdown of file transfers
and how do I address it?

Thanks in advance.