I just heard that they changed the start of Daylight Savings time to the
March 11, 2007. I see in my autoexec.ncf

set Start of Daylight Savings Time = (APRIL SUNDAY FIRST 2:00:00 AM)
set End of Daylight Savings Time = (OCTOBER SUNDAY LAST 2:00:00 AM)

I assume these two lines, and only these two lines, are what I need to
change - is that right? All my servers are NW65/SP5/UPD1.

Does anyone know what the new rule is? I assume, if it's March 11, then
we're looking at

set Start of Daylight Savings Time = (MARCH SUNDAY SECOND 2:00:00 AM)

Is "SECOND" a legit keyword?

When is the new ending or has that not changed?

Last, does anyone know what one ought to do to XP/Pro and Vista
workstations regarding this? Ours logon to the network almost every
time, but we do have a few that once in a while, e.g., if we're planning
server maintenance over a night or weekend, logon as workstation-only
because they support some 24-hour processes that run locally.

Thanks in advance.