Hi folks,

I recently upgraded one of my server from NW6.5sp4 to sp5.
Unfortunately, the install messed up somewhere in the middle of
replacing the modules and I ended up opening a service call to get the
server up. The tech walked me through a 'down server upgrade', which
at least made the server bootable, but now I'm having real trouble
re-installing files from the Products CD.

The GUI will load, but whenever I try performing the Install option, I
would get messages in the Logger about not being able to find files in
the SYS:\NI folder. Digging a little deeper, I saw that my NI folder
was missing completely. I copied it from another server, and tried to
re-run the Install option, now I've got all sorts of JAVA error
messages in the logger.

OK, so what's the best way to fix this? Copy my whole JAVA directory
from the other server over to my 'problem' one? Re-run the NW65sp5
update using the 'down server' option again? Perform the NW65sp6

Any other suggestions? Thanks!


Bill Valaski
Director of IT
CDS Associates, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH USA