Looking for suggestions for the best (quickest etc) way to get 500Gb of data from 2 x Netware v5.1 SP6 servers to a single Netware v6.5 server (same tree). There are Netware v6.0 SP5 servers in the tree also
eDir is at v 8.6.2 or better throughout tree.

Each of the Netware v5.1 servers has Arcserve v7 and a LTO tape drive.

The Netware v5.1 server volumes are Traditional.

Novell are quoting 8-15Gb/hour for transfer using Server consolidation utility on 100Mb network. This means >48hours transfer time.
Arcserve 7 isn't supported on Netware v6.5 so using tape backup/restore also has its limitations.

Does anyone has any other suggestions?
Is purchasing the latest Arcserve going to be the quickest option.