Good morning all,

Is everyone having as much fun as I am? I went to Novell's site this
morning to download TZupdater131 so I would have all the updates just to be
thorough. It seems I am too late.

Starting from Novell's (DST Master TID) I go to TID 3980430
I went to "Manually updating JVM time zone data on Netware servers with JVM
1.3.x" and got this error.

"Error: we are unable to complete the download at this time. Please try
submitting your download request again or try again later.
The Novell Download site caught a NoSuchBuildException."

So I tried every link to a JVM download from this TID and got the same

So I went to Novell's patches page. It's interesting that NONE of the DST
patches are listed in "What's Popular" or "What's New". I picked JVM as the
product and did a blank search to come up with every patch available. It
came up with 0 (ZERO) entries! So I went to the products download page and
did the same thing. It also came up with 0 (ZERO) entries. How could this
Luckily I've downloaded and patched all my servers before this (GroupWise
still to go because of user involvement), but this could be a real problem
for others.
Anybody know what's going on? Is Novell having website issues or are they
trying to drive us insane? If it's the later I can give directions or pay
for fuel.

Daniel Blake
Milford Central School