I have a NW6 SP5 2 node Cluster directly attached to a DELL/EMC CX200. We
purchased an add on storage array to the CX from Dell. Dell now tells us
that we need to upgrade to NW6.5. Has anybody done the NW6 to NW6.5 upgrade
with a cluster? If so is there anything I should look out for? ie

I found TID 10094313 that says to leave the cluster with one server
(Server2), upgrade the server (Server2). Take the NW6 (SV1) Server down and
disconnect from the cluster. Bring up the NW6.5 server (Server2) join the
Cluster. Upgrade the other NW6 server (Server1) and Join the cluster. And
you are done.

This just seems too simple. Has anybody done this?

Thanks for the help!