My colleague removed the server with the Master replica and the Cerificate
of Authority on it. My network is now down from 5 to 4 Netware 6.5 sp5
I've repaired the replica issues and (I think) most of the CA issues. I
created a new CA in the Security container the repaired each service at
requred except for one.
The Apache Web server's LDAP is still looking for the CA on the old,
missing server. Here's the messages I get after running AP2WEBUP and

During startup:

">13:22:18 LDAP initialization failed"

After a while these messages periodically repeat:

" >13:23:15 13:23:15 Configured LDAP was found ready to use.
>13:23:15 13:23:15 NIF CertHandler: Root certificate file for master ldap

ound, requesting a new one from server.
>13:23:15 13:23:15 NIF CertHandler: # Root Certs=1.
>13:23:15 13:23:15 NIF CertHandler: Retrieved certificate of size=1331.
>13:23:15 13:23:15 *MASTER[][-1]

nd : Can't contact LDAP server(81)
>13:23:15 13:23:15 ldap *MASTER[] down
>13:23:15 13:23:15 LDAP initialization failed. Check LDAP and restart

>13:23:15 LDAP initialization failed."

My question: How do I repair this. How can I get LDAP to recognize the new