I have a netware 6.5 sp6 box that is about to be replaced with bigger
faster hardware. I would like to use the migration utility to do this
but I was wondering about a some of the apps:

1.) This server runs Zenworks 7 sp1. I assume that I will reinstall this
cleanly on the new server right?

2.) NDPSM and the broker are running on the current server - can these be

3.) Should I not worry about the apps above and only migrate the data
volumes and reinstall all apps cleanly? If this is the case then I am
going to install the new server into a temporary tree, run the migration
wizard and have it migrate only the volumes that have critical user data -
the sys volume does not need to go as I will be reinstalling all system
apps and services on the new server.

The only thing I really want to migrate other than the data is the print
services - I have already moved DHCP and DNS over to another server (not
th new one) - would it be just as easy to move the NDPS Manager and the
broker to this same "other server"??