Last week i did a migration from one old sbs server 5.1 to a new server with
netware 6.5. SP6.

Because it was only a bordermanger with a primary gw domain I removed him
form the tree and insert a new one with the same name into the tree.

There where some problems with the certificates so i deleted the ca object
and created a new one.

With the utility pkidiag a recreated all the certificates. Problems were
solved everything was working.

There are 3 server in the tree, 2 are running NW6.5 sp5 and the last one
NW6.5 sp6 all with edir

After two day suddenly it was not possible to create a new user. After
checking the rights via console one the admin user had lost his rights to
the root. I'm 100% sure that no one delete some rights because they don't
have the knowledge. On all the volumes from the 3 servers everyone and also
the admin user have his rights like before.

Where is this coming from ? I know with netware when your are changing a
right, it is happening immediately, how it's com's after 2day's that you
are losing your admin rights.

Conclusion for the moment we are stocked concerning doing modifications via
consoleOne or imanager.

I notes also via imanger that there is are no vpn servers anymore but still
he is working.

Who can help me ?

Thanks in advanced