Some not so nice problem here.. :(

Enviroment: Nw65sp6, Promise M500i ISCSI box.

After installing sp6 I cant activate data volume what is located in
ISCSI device. 'nss /pools' show pool information but if trying to do
'nss /poolactivate=NEWSS1_ISCSI' server screen shows:

Activating pool "mypoolname"...
*** Pool layout v43.02

date time.. NSS<comn>-3.25-689: comnPool.c[407]
could not change pool NEWSS1_ISCSI to ACTIVE state.
Status=20833 zfsPool.c[1692]

hmm... Removing SP6 did not help...

Wait, I created another partition to that iSCSI device 3weeks ago to
test clustering (2 other servers, not this one what now have problems).
Could there be something wrong with this?? Should NSSMU inform that this
'NEWSS1_ISCSI' pools share state is "sharable for clustering"???

Any help would be usefull or I will have long night ahead..