I have novell 6.0 sp5. Tomorrow I 'll upgrade to NW65.sp6.

I have run PKIDIAG and then I have noticed this:

Step 6 Creating IP and DNS Certificates if necessary.
--> Number of Server IP addresses = 2
--> The default IP address is: 10.x.x.x
--> The KMO SSL CertificateIP's IP Address is: 10.x.x.x
----> The IP addresses match.
WARNING: We could not discover a DNS name.
--> The KMO SSL CertificateDNS's DNS name is: s1.dom1.com
WARNING: Automatic detection of DNS names failed!
---> Setting the default DNS name to s1.dom1.com.
----> The DNS names match.
Step 6 succeeded.

Note: Occasionally multiple problems will be solved with a single fix.

Fixable problems found: 0
Problems fixed: 0
Un-fixable problems found: 0

I have verified by consoleOne the certificate with press "validate".
The answer is ok.

I have two NIC installed into my server but for now I use only one NIC.
it could be this the problem?

These "warning" could be stop the upgrade from NW6.0 to NW65 ?
Or they could be effect later?

Please, can someone help me?

thanks for all