Grasping at straws trying to install the above as a virtual machine. Tried
and failed on both vm ware and now microsoft virtual software. The host os
is win2003 server and all installs fail at the network card install. Have
loaded the driver and selected from the driver menu, but then have to enter
an available slot for the card, which is pci slot 1. When I return to the
summary screen, it shows the proper nic, but the status is blank and can not
change to "L" for loaded. The hardware is on an older compaq proliant ML570
with a 3com nic (3c9050B-TX). Have configured the virtual software to use
the 3com nic, but guest os will not get past this point on the install. Was
able to load SLES 10 on this set up successfully but not familiar enough
with linux to administer. Posting in the hope that somone has been down this
path successfully and can provide guidance. My next option is to jump in the
deep water and reload SLES10. Thanks in advance for any help.