We recently upgraded our Netware 5.1 server to Netware 6.5 with SP5, DHCP
was working fine since the upgrade however I found that changing any of
the dhcp client settings using both imanager and the traditional dhcp/dns
console did not make the change take effect.

Anyway I wanted to remove DHCP and reinstall so I did the following:

DNIPINST R to remove the objects,
Remove remaining objects using console1
DSRepair with rebuild operational schema
DNIPINST to reinstall DNIP schema and objects

The strange thing is when I launch dhcpsrvr d3 I can see an Error [-
603] cannot locate the LocatorPtr attr from the server object.

I can see this attribute under console-one under the other tab but it is
not appearing in dsbrowse. I even tried re-importing the schema extensions
for dnip without success. Does anyone know how I can get this attribute to
be recognised