Jeffrey T Bachman;2662258 Wrote:
> I have migrated a 6.0 server to 6.5 sp6 and the server will not allow me
> to
> install any products. It reports that there is a discrepancy between
> the CD
> version and the server version. I have been unable to locate an error
> code
> in the log file just the message stating the cd version is different.
> Original server was set to a pre-migration server to have products
> installed
> later. Server runs GroupWise and I was able to install the GroupWise
> system
> on it after the migration. I cannot use the installation wizard in the
> or nwdeploy.
> Thanks for any help anyone can offer,
> Jeff

There are indeed a few products for which there are version errors in
the install scripts. This does for example include the certificate
server. Just make sure you do the post install using an SP6 overlay CD
and ignore the version warnings.


Marcel Cox